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Who we are

Nature’s Perfect Products is a venture of several successful business people who are committed to providing great products for people’s health and fitness as well as products that enhance beauty without sacrificing Nature in its essence. When you see the “products” that you can buy at large in stores to use on your skin and hair which are loaded with preservatives and chemicals that are not natural it is a shame. Natural oils and nourishing substances can be found if one takes the time to look for them. We have looked and we have found them. And we will continue on our quest to find natural raw products to enhance your skin, hair and wellness as well as your overall health and fitness.

Our Products

The Shea Butter we offer on is sourced from villages in Ghana, West Africa. We are committed to offering the best and freshest available Shea Butter. Keep in touch and see what we will be offering in the future.

Our History

We have in the business of Ladies Accessories and Jewelry for over 25 years through our sister Company Accessory Snobs. You can see our website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know you have real raw Shea Butter? Well one way is the smell. Raw Shea butter has an earthy, smoky aroma, and is Ivory in color. Good Shea butter has a “nutty” smell. Yellow Shea butter is such because of adding an orange root dye to it. The dye does not change Shea’s properties at all but some people believe yellow Shea is better and we offer Yellow Shea butter as well.
Shea has the highest concentration of vitamins and nutrients of any of the oils, and raw Shea butter has the longest shelf life of Shea butters, lasting up to 5 years. When refined, Shea retains the moisturizing qualities, but loses its healing properties.
Some may find the fragrance of Raw Shea butter unpleasant. The Shea butter odor can always be detected in a raw Shea butter product, and can be reduced or eliminated by any type of essential oils. Some people mix it 50/50 with cocoa butter and it smells much better. When you whip it, whip it with coconut oil, which really makes it smell yummy.
After application on the skin however, any odor of raw Shea butter soon disappears. Shea has the ability to totally absorb into the skin and will not clog pores. Shea can be applied raw to the skin, or hair or of course can be melted and mixed with other ingredients and whipped for a smoother body butter.
We have a great recipe book with recipes collected from all over the web. There are so many sites that have wonderful recipes like these for all sorts of organic skin care concoctions. We encourage you to experiment and share your results.
The healing properties of Shea are legendary. Here are some of the active healers in the butter. Vitamin A which improves skin conditions like allergies, insect bites, frostbite, sunburns. It can even help with wrinkles and spots on the skin, rough skin responds beautifully to Shea butter applied daily. It can and should be mixed with aloe or essential oils for more benefits from them as well.
RAW Natural Shea Butter is an ideal moisturizer; there are some very fruitful natural healing aspects of fresh Shea Butter. It has Vitamin A, D, E, and K. These aspects provide amazing healing properties. Over the span of 2+ years these qualities will diminish, however the moisturizing qualities do not really expire.
Shea Butter is used for many different skin conditions and has proven remarkable helpful for many of these. If used within the first 12 months you can expect this all-natural Vitamin A Butter to improve the following skin conditions. 1) Allergies, 2) Insect Bites, 3) Frostbite, 4) and Sunburn among other conditions. One unique aspect of Shea Butter is that it has the same qualities one finds from the sebaceous glands of the skin. It is ideal for would healing as well. Applied to fresh scars and stretch marks help to make them vanish. It can accelerate would healing. The Vitamin E characteristics are to assist in handling free radicals, anti-aging the skin and is known to help in micro circulation on or near the surface of the skin. This is also why it is so effective in healing the skin and helping with sunburns.
Shea Butter comes from two different Shea Trees. In West Africa it is derived from the Karite’ Tree (Tree of Life) In the East the variation of the Shea Tree provides a slightly different consistency of Butter when made. Both East and West Villages make it in a similar fashion. The fruit is collected and dried and the outer pulp removed. Then the dried seed nuts are ground up and lightly roasted (which accounts for the nutty aroma of Natural Shea)The roasted nuts are taken through a milling machine which turns the Shea Nuts into a thick Chocolate-like Paste. This paste is then kneaded for hours with water added. After this the Shea Butter is allowed to set. It is then packed in plastic lined boxes for shipment to the USA.
Of course! Using Shea butter on stiff, dry cracked skin softens it and prevents further dryness and cracking. Best for elbows or for callouses like you your heels. Any area that tends to be dry would be a perfect area to use Shea Butter.
For centuries in the wilds of Africa Shea has been used for many things. For silky smooth super healthy skin generally. It has also been used by tribal women just like actual butter is used here in the USA. However due to FDA restrictions, Shea is not approved for internal use. But the many uses of Shea have really been Africa’s Best Kept Secret for centuries. And now it has become available her in America and it is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds. And of course it also works wonders for the hair for conditioning and to protect from damage from dryness and brittleness. You can take the pure Shea and just rub some in your hands and stroke your fingurs through your hair, or better yet, whip it up with some natural essential oils for an ever better effect. We have some recipes in our book for this and you can search all over the internet for other awesome hair related recipes to add Shea Butter to for a 100% Natural Hair Solution.